Services in detail.

The key component of our company’s philosophy is a standard of quality ensured by the requirements of the quality standard DIN EN ISO 17100, which is reflected in all of the translation services that we offer. The professional background and linguistic expertise of our translators are the cornerstones of a precise translation. A precise translation is in turn supported by means of our integrated quality assurance processes.

Translation services

Industrial Property Law

We assist our customers with translation services in all areas related to industrial property law and competition law. The services of our team in this area include:

  1. Translation of patent, utility model, trademark and design patent applications
  2. Translation of documents as part of copyright, trademark and patent infringement proceedings as well as proceedings under competition law
  3. Translation of research and development, licensing, and cooperation agreements


Patent Translation

The translation of patent applications (EP validations /PCT applications) is among the core competencies of Veolin Translations. The applications are always translated literally, using the standard terminology customary for patents.

In light of the legal implications and risk of restricting the scope of protection as a result of translation errors, the translation of patent applications requires reliable specialist knowledge, both in terms of content and on a formal level.

Our patent translators are state certified and sworn and have a minimum of 6 years of professional experience. The translations are always prepared by native speakers.

Translations in Asian languages, for example, for initiating the national stages, are performed directly by our network of patent law firms.

Corporate Law/International Commercial Law/Finance Law/Contract Law

In the area of corporate law, we frequently translate partnership agreements, M&A documents, due diligence documents, statements of claim, decisions and many more.

In the field of commercial and finance law as well as laws pertaining to capital markets, we have specialized in the translation of international contracts, due diligence documents for buyers, sellers or the target company, documents for venture capital and private equity transactions, as well as exit agreements.

In addition, we translate brochures as well as business and strategic plans. Thanks to our legal background, we are familiar with the specific legal language and can quickly comprehend any topic and prepare a professional translation with utmost care.

Finance and Accounting

Translating finance and accounting documents is one of our core business areas. In the course of this we focus on the translation of annual and quarterly financial statements, due diligence documents, international tax returns, and management reports.

We employ standardized IFRS terminology when translating documents related to international financial reporting. For submission in the USA, we also observe US GAAP rules.

We establish a terminology database for every customer, which assures consistent terminology and style, also in subsequent translations.

Website Localization

Multilingual websites are an indispensable marketing tool for the development of international markets. However, the translation of a website does not end with a mere rendition in the other language, but also requires adaptation to the regional market the customer intends to reach with the translation.

The special challenge lies in precisely communicating the original message of the website, while adapting the site linguistically and culturally true to the brand. This type of translation is naturally performed solely by native speakers who are familiar with the respective cultural sphere and possess not only the technical skills, but also the necessary feel for the language to reach the target group.

We at Veolin Translations are specialized in adapting large-scale, brand-intensive websites to the global market and will gladly assist our customers in achieving international competitiveness.

We establish a terminology database for every customer, which assures consistent terminology and style, also in subsequent translations.

Technical Documentation

Our quality assurance workflow allows us to prepare multilingual documentation in a timely manner, even if turnaround times are tight. In the process, we translate a multiplicity of operating instructions, technical texts and product catalogues. Documents we are able to work with include the following formats:.xml, .idml, .fm/.book/.mif

In translating technical documents, we place an emphasis on consistent terminology, correct localization of date and time formats, as well as lengths and measurement information, followed by DTP. After DTP, the layout of the translation corresponds to that of the original.


To remain competitive, internationally operating companies must adapt their marketing materials to the languages of the target markets.

Our native speaker translators possess the necessary feel for the language so as to correctly translate brochures, websites and advertising material into the target language.

We convey a play on words and slogans in the language of the respective market that are as good as the original.

Pharmaceutical/Chemical/Medical Sector

In the life sciences sector, we provide pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostics companies with professionally specialized translation. Pharmaceutical, chemical and medical translations pose great challenges for the translator, both formally and in terms of content, and therefore, need to be handled by an experienced specialist with outstanding medical-pharmacological know-how, who prepares the translation in compliance with EU directives and requirements of EDQM, BfArM, EMEA and MedDRA standard terminology.

Our translators distinguish themselves by way of the following expertise:

  • EDQM, BfArM, EMEA and MedDRA standard terms
  • EDQM standard templates
  • European Pharmacopoeia (standards, methods, substances)
  • IUPAC recommendations on chemical nomenclature
  • Technical and user information is translated in compliance with the corresponding QRD templates
  • Template-compliant SPC and PIL translations in keeping with the requirements of the regulatory agencies (EMEA, Swiss-Medic, FDA) and the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical/medical field, we frequently translate the following documents:

  • MSDS
  • PILs (patient information leaflets, package inserts) in compliance with standardized EU directives and requirements of EDQM, BfArM, EMEA and MedDRA standard terminology
  • SPCs (summary of product characteristics) in compliance with standardized EU directives and requirements of EDQM, BfArM, EMEA and MedDRA standard terminology
  • Clinical testing documents
  • Physicians' reports for pharmacovigilance
  • Clinical expert reports
  • Pharmacological-toxicological expert reports (e.g. according to §24 AMG)
  • SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

The approval of a new pharmaceutical product is due in no small part to the quality of the translation of the approval documents. Ambiguous/erroneous documents can unnecessarily slow down the approval process. Scientific specialists of Veolin Translations Germany GmbH are intimately familiar with the requirements and registration dossiers for the ICH regions Europe, USA and Japan and continually update their know-how through regular professional development. Our customers can always count on receiving a precise translation that has undergone a quality assurance process and complies with the requirements of the respective regulatory agency (EMA, FDA).

Medical Devices

We frequently perform medical technology translations within the context of translating technical documentation. Our translators not only have the linguistic, but also the technical expertise that is required for translating operating instructions related to medical technology. Many of our translators have a background in production in this field and are intimately familiar with the topic. Quite a few previously worked as technical writers or editors.

File formats we can work with include the following file formats: .xml, .idml, .fm/.book/.mif

The medical background and the linguistic skill of our translators are the cornerstones of an accurate translation. This is further supported by our integrated quality assurance processes.

Patent Law Services

International patent applications

For several years, we have been working with patent law firms in regions that are strategically important for intellectual property law, and as a result have the capability of filing patent applications with the following patent offices:

  • EPO
  • JPO
  • SIPO
  • APO
  • INPI

After the application documents have been filed by one of these patent attorneys, the applicant or their representative receives an acknowledgment of receipt from the respective patent office. If the patent office should issue a provisional decision, we forward this decision as well as all the documents to the applicant or their representative.
After the patent grant has been announced or the application has been rejected, the applicant or their representative receives the results of the examination by the patent office as well as, in the case of the patent grant, the Letters Patent. This process applies equally to trademark and utility model applications.