Headquartered in Berlin, Veolin Translations Germany GmbH is a globally operating translation company. We comprehensively support multinational groups, medium-sized companies as well as patent and law firms with translation services.

Customers worldwide
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Our quality standards comply with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 17100.


Arguments that speak for us:

Our team supports you with excellent know-how with specialist translation services in the sectors of patents, the law, commerce, finance, technology and marketing.

At the same time, we distinguish ourselves through fast processing times and personal, flexible and responsible working practices that organize the translation process for our clients in a manner that is as simple as an intermediate step should be.


The law

The globalization of the economy is reflected in international legal transactions. We support our customers in this process with comprehensive translation services.



The capacity to innovate is of great importance in global competition. At the same time, the protection of innovations, through among other things patents, is determinative as an incentive for further developments and for marketing new products. We primarily focus on supporting our customers in protecting their innovations with patent translations (EU validations, PCT).


Automotive industry

Protecting innovation is part of the foundation of an active and competitive automobile industry. With our translation services, we assist our customers in enforcing their industrial property rights (patents, utility models, designs, trademarks and copyrights) on an international level.


Life sciences

Research and development is the core of life science companies. Precision in all phases of product development is imperative for this heavily regulated sector. We assist our customers from the research stage up to market launch with precise and on-schedule translations.


Financial sector

Accounting is characterized by the influence of international norms. We regularly facilitate banking institutions and groups of companies in translating financial reports.


Real estate

We support internationally operating real estate firm with our translations in the fields of law and finance.


Hotels and leisure

Also their transactions are as global as the tourism and hotel business itself. We support our customers with translation services u.v.m in purchases, sales, partnerships, hotel contracts.


We assist many renowned companies with our translation services. While it is customary these days to do so, we have chosen not to advertise the names of our customers here.

Our goal is to impress you and gain your trust through our Services — not through some brand label you may recognize. This is consistent with our understanding of data privacy, ethics and integrity. Below is a list of sectors we provide services to:
  • The law
  • Patent
  • Automotive industry
  • Life sciences
  • Financial sector
  • Real estate
  • Hotels and leisure

Overview of services

The key component of our company’s philosophy is a standard of quality ensured by the requirements of the quality standard DIN EN ISO 17100, which is reflected in all of the translation services that we offer.


Our team is composed of professional, sworn translators appointed by the courts who have at least 6 years of experience in working in their respective specialty.

Ita Moiseeva

Ita Moiseeva

Managing Director

Ita Moiseeva is the Managing Director of Veolin Translations Germany and your direct contact person. After earning her degree in law from FU Berlin, she started her career in the translation industry in the USA. Today, she is successfully managing the steadily growing Veolin Translations Germany GmbH.


Patent translator - part time / full time / DE > EN

We are looking for immediately the translator of a patent or a patent translators with at least 6 years of professional experience and a MA / diploma in Linguistics as well as verifiably documented expertise in the field of patent translation.

Privacy policy

All employees are legally bound by confidentiality agreements to treat as confidential all information provided within the scope of carrying out the order, and are bound to not disclose this information to third parties. To this end, the employees are legally bound both by an in-house confidentiality agreement, and also by virtue of the outside confidentiality agreements of customers. Particularly strict data protection provisions drawn up by our attorneys apply to not yet registered patents.

Quality standards

Our quality standards are set according to the DIN EN ISO 17100. The implementation of standards in DIN EN ISO 17100 means a rigorous quality control within a documented process of translation for us.

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